Nucleus Advisors is the Difference
Makers’ Difference Maker™

Our mission is to locate and connect with the world’s NextGen entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and advocates – each creating a legacy in their own unique ways – as we share our wisdom with the world.




We are a highly diverse team of normal people, who have come from normal places, that for some reason or another chose to do the best we can at whatever we do—so we grade ourselves, own the grade, adjust and get back to work. Along the way we are often ranked by professional financial publications. They rank us very high. Always higher than we rank ourselves.



We are a team that focuses on direction, not intention. We own our past and love leaning into learning from it, but we live in the present and focus on the path in front of us—the one that leads to the best possible version of ourselves. That is why we pay attention to tension. In fact, we run toward the roar, or the whine, of tension—and listening, sensing, learning, feeling and being we transform tension into character and character into opportunity and opportunity into acquired wisdom and acquired wisdom into wise action.



We know we come into this world with all kinds of natural blind spots and confirmation biases—so we pay close attention to who we do life with. We believe that different sets of eyes, with different ways of contributing, shed light on new facets of any situation. Perhaps our orientation is why we are so helpful when it comes to decision making. We do not shy away from expressing the negatives any less than we covet momentum and the optimizing solution.



We are a team that works hard to be WITH others—mostly by caring a lot, but also by letting go of the things that hold us back from the best version of ourselves. Letting go of things like “making a point” or labeling others. Perhaps that is why our team is filled with people that other people have an easy time being around.



What is Withness? One day someone we care about asked us why some of the  most obvious and important things were the hardest to see and talk about. We were flattered they would ask us about such an ancient riddle. We shared that mutually caring and productive relationships require kindness, patience, tolerance, optimism, joy in the achievement of others, confidence in oneself—and using wisdom to help others create a life that is much larger than the individual and also positively impacts every relationship the person values. Then we smiled and said, “Of course, it is not in the power of any human to be all that all the time, but you can be WITH  others, no matter what.” We believe that is what makes all the  difference in the world and we call it WITHNESS®.


We are more than money managers. We use agile connections and applied design thinking across 5 essential client service competencies.


– The team is trained to address uncertainty in construction

– Portfolio Construction + Investment Consulting

– We take an in-depth, analytical approach in screening investments, creating bespoke, customized portfolios and providing macroeconomic, financial and investment research

– We access a broad suite of third-party investment managers across traditional and alternative asset classes

– We personally screen, research and interview hundreds of seasoned and emerging money managers


– The Career Arc is factored in to maintain focus on what really matters

– Risk Management + Insurance and Tax Planning

– Your protection, as well as the protection of your income and assets, is critical for the preservation and transfer of wealth across generations

– An unbiased review of your insurance portfolio – we compare solutions from several carriers to ensure you have the best protection possible

– Ongoing service for your policies to ensure the protections you have adjust with changes in your life


– Shared respect and humility helps our communication in times of need

– Connections + Community

– We leverage our vast network to support evaluating and executing lifestyle transactions, including real estate, aircrafts, art and other private investments

– We help you find the best financing solutions for your lifestyle needs and spearhead the process for you

– Our connections are your connections—we are always happy to make introductions to make sure you have trusted professionals on your team

– We invite you to join our community and are excited to be a part of your community



– Planning methods consider the constraints when offering solutions

– Financial Planning + Retirement Planning

– We conduct an in-depth review of assets liabilities income and expenses to illustrate multi-year cash-flows to assist with scenario modeling budgeting and retirement planning

– With our executive financial plans we guide our clients through life’s important decisions to help them achieve their goals

– Financial Plan ensures continuing alignment between investment strategy and life aspirations


– Human centered mindset utilized in order to stay aligned with changing needs

– Family Office Services + Client Portal

– Nucleus supports your family’s culture, legacy and philanthropic goals by focusing on learning, communication, preparation and alignment

– It’s the ultimate paradox—more wealth means more to manage, and more to manage means less time to devote to enjoying your success

– Our goal is to make your life easier through consolidated reporting, client portal, secure email, digital data vault for electronic document storage, and bill pay—tailored for your needs



Over the course of two+ decades Nucleus developed competencies in order to meet the demands of its clients. In the last several years, Nucleus’ specializations caught the attention of a host of accomplished leaders that are making a difference as artists, athletes, advocates, entrepreneurs and owner/operators

In response to the growing need for such services Nucleus approached the demand with a product mindset and a client-centric point-of-view

The result is fully integrated depth and direction of our wealth advisory practice with our trust, estate, tax, specialized risk management/insurance, and philanthropic competencies to help clients and their families manage their complex lifestyles.



We are a team of teams—comprised of over 14 different small groups – our Nucleotides representing a multitude of backgrounds and orientations, each specializing in key elements of our practice.

As different as each of our Nucleotides is, together we focus on the singular path in front of us—never shying away from challenging ourselves, provoking dialogue or leading the way toward the intersection of what really works and what truly matters.

Nucleus stays connected to our clients and knows how to engage an audience because we rise above the “what now” moments—and lead others toward what is next. In fact, we transform tension into character, character into opportunity, opportunity into acquired wisdom and acquired wisdom into inspired action.