Nucleus Advisors is the Difference Makers’ Difference Maker™. We are a private wealth management firm with a simple mission: to be with our clients. Of course there is nothing simple behind “the how” of our connections with our clients which is why we measure everything.

We rarely give ourselves more than a “meets expectations.” A habit that keeps us humble and curious. It also builds competence and helps us acquire wisdom. Others grade Nucleus and give us accolades.* We are pleased when we see that happen.

But we keep our focus on you—artists, advocates, athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, philanthropists, families and foundations—leaders and entities that keep choosing to be difference makers.

Nucleus’s connections, curiosity, diversity and depth are an extension of our Withness™ mind-set, our learning orientation and our commitment. We are a team of teams—our Nucleotides representing a multitude of backgrounds and orientations, each specializing in key elements of our practice.

As different as each of our Nucleotides is, together we focus on the singular path in front of us—never shying away from challenging ourselves, provoking dialogue or leading the way toward the intersection of what really works and what truly matters.

Nucleus stays connected to our clients and knows how to engage an audience because we rise above the “what now” moments—and lead others toward what is next. In fact, we transform tension into character, character into opportunity, opportunity into acquired wisdom and acquired wisdom into inspired action.

Jordan Waxman
Richard Steinberg
Greg Thorson
Candice Kakar
Peter Byrne