Steve Sullivant


Director, branding and communications


Steve Sullivant joined Nucleus in April of 2022 as Director, Brand and Communications where he oversees the growth of the Nucleus brand, working with both digital and physical mediums to communicate our message to an ever-growing audience. Steve brings six years of branding, design, and marketing experience to Nucleus, previously working with multiple corporations, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and local businesses in his home of Northwest Arkansas

Steve highly values honesty, empathy, humility, and the ability to listen. He believes intentional design, teamwork, and thoughtful creativity can solve problems in virtually any setting. Of the five key characteristics that help define Nucleus’ culture—depth, direction, connection, curiosity and withness—Steve most embraces withness. He strives to live out the principles of withness in every setting he is in to be present, understanding, and “a better servant than a master.”

Steve is a both a musician and an advocate at heart. He loves to collaborate and write songs and is constantly inspired by the universal language of music as a means of deeply connecting with other people. Steve also volunteers his time to community-building initiatives ranging from programs for adults experiencing disabilities, to resourcing for economically and racially disenfranchised people groups.