Peter byrne


Managing Director, Partner


Peter joined Nucleus Advisors in 2015 after 10 years with the Global Wealth Management division at Merrill Lynch. At Merrill, Peter served as both a foreign currency trading manager and a financial advisor. Previously, he worked with Lloyds Bank of London in Toronto and Chicago; CIBC World Markets in London; and Bank of Bermuda in Hamilton, Bermuda and Luxembourg. In addition to Peter’s employment in London, Peter also worked as a Director for Citigroup Capital Markets in New York.

Peter’s deeply personal work with our clients draws from over 30 years of experience in global financial markets. With a specialty in foreign currency exchange (FX) markets and wealth management with a concentration in complex portfolio planning, Peter is a key member of our Investment Committee and team mate of Alex Bass, our chief investment officer.

A native of Toronto, Peter graduated with an MBA from the University of Windsor, Ontario with a concentration in Finance and Economics. Prior to business school, Peter completed his B.A. in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. At UWO, Peter excelled in economics and truly enjoyed learning, but truth be told his passion was being a team member of the Western Mustangs Hockey Team. To this day, Pete remains passionate about hockey, supporting sports and working alongside athletes.

Pete’s athletic background, and his boys’ passion for hockey, blend well with Nucleus’ belief that no matter what the background, difference makers have accepted the challenge of being leaders and have refined their skill at working with other exceptional leaders to establish personal ownership of winning strategies. Building on that principle, Peter and Jordan have guided our teams toward an understanding of what it means for athletes and artists to accept accountability for their own developmental processes—fostering in Nucleus a cultural affinity toward working with leaders who exhibit deep levels of commitment to preparation, performance and community involvement.

Peter splits his time between New York and Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He and his wife, Kari, have two wonderful sons—both of which enjoy hockey and love athletics as much as Peter. According to the proud dad, these two athletes are already much better players than Pete ever was!