Lara tokarz


brand and communications strategist


Lara fell in love with business consulting and marketing while working full time running a movie theater to pay for school – switching from pre-med focusing on genetics to the college of business half-way through her college career. In the 15 years since then, she has been a marketer and strategist with the unique experience of having worked on both the corporate and agency side of business as well as freelance consulting. Her experience spans across nearly every industry and from small business to Fortune 100 companies. Her expertise is in creating strategic direction, forming alignment across teams, and creating operational roadmaps for executing digital transformation.

TL;DR Lara gets teams to step out of their own way and think differently about what they are doing in order to grow.

Lara joined Nucleus as a marketing consultant and continues to strategize with Nucleus’ Brand and Communications team to spread withness® to the world.