Kendall Hufford


Associate Director, Client Success


At Nucleus, we believe that intention is not the right lever, direction is—and Kendall is a NexGen leader that reminds us of how true that is.

Kendall’s keen sense of direction blossomed in California, eventually leading her to the East Coast where she graduated from Boston University. She majored in economics and psychology, but did not miss the opportunity to sharpen her microeconomics, macroeconomics, empirical economics tool kit as she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Completing a Boston University Study Abroad program and Internship in London prepared her for project coordinator and sales and marketing roles with Four Seasons.

However, it was her critical thinking skills, with strong analytical competence, that directed Kendall into financial services. Nucleus recognized Kendall as not only a gifted NexGen leader, but also an organized professional, able to manage multiple assignments simultaneously, with the added advantages of being an excellent communicator.

Kendall is on the client service team and is using her skill set to team with the Business Decision Group to co-design a new talent development curriculum for Nucleus, a program that is based on systems and design thinking and applied psychology.