Difference Makers: How We Work With You


Financial Engineering

Great financial engineering limits distractions. It creates accountability. It allows for year-over-year comparisons. At Nucleus we use great engineering to illuminate your direction.

Social Engineering

You expect Nucleus’ voice to be heard in spite of your crowded life. That is why you need us to connect with you in the way you want to be connected with— because you expect us to speak smarter about the things that require attention.

NexGen Leadership

Nucleus believes that leadership focused on sustainability demands a commitment to pay attention to the tensions our next generation leaders are grappling with. At Nucleus our leaders have accepted this commitment and actively help unleash others.

& Decision Making

Nucleus believes that sustainability is essential. We have learned that sustainability requires productive decision making under constraints. We have mastered the conditions and competencies that foster highly productive collaboration in the workplace, the home and inside the family office.

Process Preeminence

Discipline and mission can ignite a team—but only leadership can produce the preeminence our clients deserve. Nucleus leans into a highly interactive program of organizational learning to keep our processes and tools efficient.

Design Thinking
& System Dynamics

At Nucleus we lean into digital transformation because we see how the digital revolution is empowering clients, fueling disruptive innovation and impacting our communities. Our curiosity about how we can reach for more has infused our teams, as we expand our community-centric perspective to shape new teams and services.

Small Group Dynamics

Mindfulness is a noteworthy result, but it requires a disciplined directed willful effort — which is why Nucleus champions small groups and open dialogue. We have learned that Business is Better Connected™ and seek to inspire teams form organically.

Difference Makers:
How We Make A Difference


As the Difference Maker’s Difference Maker™, Nucleus Advisors leadership commitment is to open dialogue, productive reasoning and skilled inquiry—to engaging people in reflecting on their own reasoning and being WITH them to reflect on the constraints we all face—as Nucleus moves toward the roar of our own vulnerability. What follows is what we believe makes us us as people, in no particular order:


We are a highly diverse team of normal people, who have come from normal places, that for some reason or another chose to do the best we can at what ever we do—and we know that can’t happen without measuring how we measure up. So we take tests, pass exams, study markets, speak at events, present on webinars and advise our clients. Then we grade ourselves, own the grade, adjust and get back to work. Along the way we are often ranked by professional financial publications. They rank us very high. Always higher than we rank ourselves. But that is normal to us.


We are a team that focuses on direction, not intention. We own our past and love leaning into learning from it, but we live in the present and focus on the path in front of us—the one that leads to the best possible version of ourselves. That is why we pay attention to tension. In fact, we run toward the roar, or the whine, of tension—and listening, sensing, learning, feeling and being we transform tension into character and character into opportunity and opportunity into acquired wisdom and acquired wisdom into wise action.


We understand that some teams work hard to present a certain public image, which is their choice. No judgment from us on that. We are different. We believe in connection. We are a team that works hard to be WITH others—mostly by caring a lot, but also by letting go of the things that hold us back from the best version of ourselves. Letting go of things like “making a point” or labeling others. Perhaps that is why our team is filled with people that other people have an easy time being around. We foster good vibes in what ever room we are in and love all kinds of food, wine, music, dance, ways of working out and most of all, people.


We know we come into this world with all kinds of natural blindspots and confirmation biases—so we pay close attention to who we do life with. We believe that business is much better connected—just like life is—so our mindset is totally small group oriented. We believe that different sets of eyes, with different ways of contributing, shed light on different opportunities and facets of any situation. Perhaps our orientation is why we are so helpful when it comes to decision making. We do not shy away from expressing the negatives any less than we covet momentum and the optimizing solution.


One day someone we care about asked us why some of the most obvious and important things were the hardest to see and talk about. We were flattered they would ask us about such an ancient riddle. We shared that mutually caring and productive relationships require kindness, patience, tolerance, optimism, joy in the achievement of others, confidence in oneself—and using wisdom to help others create a life that is much larger than the individual and positively impacts every relationship the person values. Then we smiled and said, “Of course, it is not in the power of any human to be all that all the time, but you can be WITH others, no matter what.” We believe that is what makes all the difference in the world and we call it WITHNESS.

Every Great Wealth Advisory Firm Takes a Stand


Our Advisory Foundation—Comprised of 5 Key Building Blocks—Sets Direction WITH You

If direction is key, harmony is essential—so we start by getting shared meaning on your family mission statement

Connection + productive dialogue = efficiency—so we architect a decision making process and governance system to support your mission

Details bring the plan to life—so jointly we consider how to build stewardship with others, legacy planning, philanthropy, the role of insurance, and trust & wealth transfer solutions

Investment strategy aligned with your mission, direction and values

Holistic perspective coupled with a discrete assessment of the objectives of each investment entity to maintain clarity of mission

Open dialogue and full transparency in every step of the process in the spirit of no surprises

Defining your investment objectives and goals— risk assessment supports decision making and mission integration

Open dialogue on the wealth and legacy implications of proposed business and personal brand strategies and initiatives

Communication the way you want and on pace with the demands of your accelerated digital world

Guidelines reviewed annually to assess that investments and goals are aligned

Accountability you deserve and the way Nucleus’ passion for preeminence demands

Data-driven investment decisions

Benchmarking to assess progress

Cash flow, scenario and retirement planning analysis, to actuate financial decisions

Estate tax illustration

Steadfast focus on tax efficiency and investment expenses

Asset aggregation across investment entities and custodians

Robust, transparent and straightforward reporting

Tax packages for your accountant to make your life easier, including list of expected tax forms, gain/loss and income summaries

User-Centric Design Sharpens the Focus of Nucleus’ Client Service Team


Agile Connections and Applied Design Thinking Across Five Essential Service Competencies

Portfolio Construction + Investment Consulting

We take an in-depth, analytical approach in screening investments, creating bespoke, customized portfolios and providing macroeconomic, financial and investment research

We access a broad suite of third-party investment managers across traditional and alternative asset classes

We personally screen, research and interview hundreds of seasoned and emerging money managers

Financial Planning + Retirement Planning

We conduct an in-depth review of assets liabilities income and expenses to illustrate multi-year cash-flows to assist with scenario modeling budgeting and retirement planning

With our executive financial plans we guide our clients through life’s important decisions to help them achieve their goals

Financial Plan ensures continuing alignment between investment strategy and life aspirations

Risk Management + Insurance and Tax Planning

Your protection, as well as the protection of your income and assets, is critical for the preservation and transfer of wealth across generations

An unbiased review of your insurance portfolio – we compare solutions from several carriers to ensure you have the best protection possible

Ongoing service for your policies to ensure the protections you have adjust with changes in your life

Family Office Services + Client Portal

Nucleus supports your family’s culture, legacy and philanthropic goals by focusing on learning, communication, preparation and alignment

It’s the ultimate paradox—more wealth means more to manage, and more to manage means less time to devote to enjoying your success

Our goal is to make your life easier through consolidated reporting, client portal, secure email, digital data vault for electronic document storage, and bill pay—tailored for your needs

Connections + Community

We leverage our vast network to support evaluating and executing lifestyle transactions, including real estate, aircrafts, art and other private investments

We help you find the best financing solutions for your lifestyle needs and spearhead the process for you

Our connections are your connections—we are always happy to make introductions to make sure you have trusted professionals on your team

We invite you to join our community and are excited to be a part of your community

Nucleus Leans into User-Centered Design to Connect WITH You—Because Business is Better Connected™